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Step into my parlour...

If you dare.

Spider Allure
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All Members , Moderated
Celebrating the chilling beauty of spiders

This is a community to celebrate the chilling beauty of spiders.

This is a place where I will post photos of my jewelry, clothes, weapons, home decor, and anything else featuring spiders - and I strongly encourage all other members to do the same. I can't speak for other members, but I personally make my entries friends-only; so if you want to see everything posted here, please join instead of just watching.

The community will mostly be about the seductive and deadly aesthetic aspect of spiders, as communities already exist for the scientific side. We do love spiders in more ways than just for their looks, but I noticed a lack of communities that spoke about their spooky appeal, and I felt it was appropriate for me to create one. This community is meant to serve as a gathering place for those who are into creepy aesthetics such as gothic fashion, or are just intrigued by the darker side of life, and who include spiders in their list of favorite animals, style choices or artistic subjects.

  • Be nice. No flaming or bashing.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Spam is not welcome.
  • Ads for Etsy sales, eBay auctions, etc. are allowed, up to a certain extent. We understand if you want to share your creations with like-minded people, but you also must contribute to the community in ways other than trying to make money from us.
  • Only post promotions for spider-related communities, and not communities that copy this one. Acceptable communities could be scientific spider facts, particular breeds of spiders, tarantula owners' care tips, etc., etc. Affiliates don't have to be spider-related, but don't post them in the community. If you have a non-spider community that you think our members would like, and you would like to be affiliates, please send me a message.
  • I would like all photos posted on the main page to be a width of 480 pixels (less if you'd like, but no more) and these can be thumbnails to a full-size image if you choose. Larger images may be posted in LJ-cuts.
  • Keep the community family-friendly when posting publicly, and post proper warnings for anything (featuring humans) that might be considered erotic. LJ has settings for individual entries that will only allow the content to be seen only by people over 14 or over 18, depending how mature it is. Use these. Keep from using profanity.

  • Please tag your entries, using tags that already exist if your entry is about a topic that has been mentioned before. This way we won't have two or more tags that mean the same thing. For example, "webs," "spider webs" and "spiderwebs." Making sure that we have only one tag for each topic will make it easier for people to find what they want.
  • Please insert an appropriate subject line. The 20 most recent entries will be shown in the sidebar on the community page, so let's make sure each post is appropiately labeled for those viewing the page summary.

    Things you should post include:

  • Photos of clothing, jewelry and home decor that feature spiders or spiderwebs
  • Photos of weapons featuring spiders
  • Links to these things on other websites/online stores
  • Photos or artwork of spiders with a vibe that leans toward creepy and/or gothic, including ones of humans interacting with spiders. Can be your own artwork or something you found online.
  • Anything else you think fits the feel of the community - just remember to keep it dark and keep it classy.

  • Cutesy things. This is meant to be a place for the spooky aesthetic, so cartoon spiders with two big eyes and tongues sticking out just don't fit in here.
  • Anything that is against spiders. This should go without saying.
  • Use your own judgement on everything else until we know exactly which direction the community goes.

    Needless to say (although I will say it anyway because some people are morons), no haters will be allowed in this community. Arachnophobic but still intrigued by their appearance and reputation? You are quite welcome here. Just want to come here and troll us by spewing hate toward spiders in an obviously pro-spider community in a pathetically failed attempt to be cool? Please go die in a fire. Thank you.

    To become affiliates with this community, just send me a private message about it. We'll accept most communities that are related either to spiders or to gothic fashion or other spooky things. Other topics are subject to individual decisions.

    Our affiliates currently include:

    Your Spider Queen is: websofsilk.